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RIG IP address

Do you know how I can find my rigs IP address? Trying to set up minimum payout thresholds on Dwarfpool and it needs my Rigs IP to set.

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You can find this info on rig panel. Just move mouse cursor over “Remote: xxxxxx” and you will show rig external IP address


Thank you!

I Where could I find Remote: XXXX ?
I need to learn external ip for the pool payout setting.

Overview tab / bellow sensors region / move mouse over Remote IP

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I can’t find my rigs IP address yet!!!
Is there anyone here to help me?
I need it to set up payout on Ethermine

IP will shown when hover mouse on near label “Remote IP”
Here is:

I realized it
but I cant find it unfortunately! where is system type, kernel and remote IP?!

this is my hive view

This is your Farm view.
For Remote IP you need to get Remote IP from worker (worker “Overview” tab)

Ok,This is my Worker view.
There is an IP (, I write it in Ethermine (for set up minimum payout thresholds) , but it’s invalid!
Hint for the required IP is ..*.36

I have a related question. I know where to find my remote IP, but I’m having an issue where mine has changed & I don’t know why. I am unable to update my Flexpool payout settings because it requires my rig IP. The IP has somehow changed & doesn’t match what shows. Where do I begin to get this sorted out?

Yup I too have this problem. The reported “Remote IP” does not match the IP ethermine claims to see (last three digits in HiveOS are apparently x.x.x.123 but ethermine is looking for x.x.x.145
And it is at a remote location that I do not have access to
Unable to change threshold - sucks

You guys are looking at the IP assigned by YOUR Router. This is NOT an ip that can be logged into remotely by 3rd parties for that you need dedicated IP’s assigned to each machine. To get these you have to talk to your phone company and its will be cost prohibitive more than likely. usually 12 to 17 bucks per ip per month. This of course is in the US and have no clue what hoops you have to jump through in other countries. Not to mention this adds a HUGE level of insecurity to your machine being remotely hacked and reflashed firmware without your knowledge.

What this does seem to open the door for is NOC’s for S Miners surprised no one has delved into that thinking. Dedicated buildings power cooling etc. I personal pay $90 a month for dedicated space power included, network and 7 dedicated ip’s included. Maybe form groups and buy cage space(secured cages for your equipment)

You just have to enter a page like this that gives you a different type of ip to the local one and magic!

Hello everyone

I’m digging ETH+ZIL in the crush me pool, I couldn’t find the following setting because the update came, can you help?

Confirm rig public IP address
To save the payment settings confirm
any of your equipment public IP

I’m so confused.


I have the same Problem!!!

I posted this question earlier today to update my min payout after EIP1559. You need to go to “whatsmyip” on a browser… they’re looking for your IP address given by your ISP, not anything you see on Hive.

Can you show an example please?

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Hi, I have the same problem.
Yesterday I put the hidden ip in hive os after xx.x.xx.xx and they have not paid me.
I have gone to “whatsmuip” web and it is the same one that is hidden in hiveos xx.x.xx.xx
I have the correct gwei and the minimum eth for get paid. (ezil me)
Any other idea? Thanks