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Rig hashrate falling on the 5th day

I have a somewhat strange issue with hashrate on the rig falling on all cards after 4-5 days to the point that rig would freeze. For days it would hash rock solid but then all of a sudden it would freeze itself. I came up with a workaround - set up watchdog to monitor hashrate and if it drops by more than 5mhs whole rig would restart and continue normally. I suspect an issue with a driver but what is the root cause I have no idea. I have tried to lower the clocks and push more power to the cards, changed HiveOS versions but nothing helped. Restarting every 4-5 days is not bad and rig mines fine for months like that but I would like not to hear reboot beep at all.

Here is my rig

youre on an older image, so id start there.

run hive-replace -s in the shell and it will download and flash the latest image.

Did that and got the same thing but now it shows also drop in power

fine tune youre voltages now, you should set all the lowest that is stable for core voltage, mem voltage and mem controller voltage.

your 6800xt should be closer to 110w at that hashrate

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I’d suggest turning off the watchdogs if you are troubleshooting and adjusting overclocking.

They are only helpful after you have completely balanced and stabilized your rig.

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Thanks for the remainder about 6800XT, I completely forgot to fine tune it. Now it pulls 104W :slight_smile:
I have almost given up on finding the answer, it takes around 5 days for me to see if anything has changed so it was easier to just pull out the beeper from the MB :slight_smile:
I’ve updated the HiveOS around 10 days ago and since it has only rebooted once by itself (runtime was over 6 days) before I had to shut it down in order to change the internet cabling today, so it is an improvement after the update.

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