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Rig hashes fine for 2 days one of the GPUs go offline randomly

It has done this before but I don’t remember with which card. I know my temps are not that good but I am working on it.

Reduce mem each time and reboot, repeat until stable

Update: in the miner it says: cant find nonce with device not enough free memory
I hope it can help you understand my problem

What clocks are you running?

Lock core clock 1150 memory clock 2800 power limit 70
These are RTX A2000 cards

reduce mem until stable, replace riser if that doesnt help

First problem was with GPU2
This problem occured with GPU 6 and 8.

and if you reduce the oc and reboot they stay like that?

have you tried replacing the riser/cables etc?

Oc cant be the case in my opinion. I have been running 6 cards for 1 week( didnt have pcie cables) and they ran perfectly with even higher oc-s, 2850 on memory. Risers and cables are good because I tested them.
In the beginning Load Average was a problem as well, but I solved it. I think this problem must do something with the settings part. I mean all physical parts are fine and tested

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