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Rig has 6 GPU’s but only shows 5

Hello, My Rig has 6 GPU’s but only shows 5. New problem, was working fine previously.

Fixes I have tried.

  • Upgrade Nvidia Drivers
  • Upgraded Hive OS
  • Downgraded Hive OS
  • Switching card positions
  • Replacing the card that didn’t show up.

Nothing has helped and I can only get 5 of 6 Gpu’s to show up now. Any Ideas will be appreciated.

Here are my specs/settings

Versions - Latest
OS 0.6-213@220222 Nvidia Drivers 495.46
Motherboard Asus CometLake-S GT2 [UHD Graphics 630] v 2.21.1278
CPU Intel i5-10400 @ 2.9 ghz
8 gigs ram
250gig SSD

CPU Parameters

  • Above 4g Decoding = Enabled
  • Primary Display = CPU Graphics
  • PCIEX16_1 Link Speed = Gen2
  • PCI Express Clock Gating = Disabled
  • Launch CSM = Disabled
  • PCIe Speed = Gen 2

I included a picture of some of the more obscure settings.

Are you using a pcie splitter? Are you sure your board works with 6?

Not using a splitter. I had 6 working for about a month.

and every slot works? every riser? every cable? every gpu?

Every GPU works, I will check each slot and riser independently

Finished checking every gpu, riser, and cable. They all work just not when all 6 are plugged in.

and every slot?

Yes, every slot works fine. I suspect the motherboard bios is set wrong but I have been over it multiple times.

I have a 1300w power supply. This had worked fine in the past. I am only using 800w. When I powered the rouge card with an additional power supply it began working fine. I also upgraded the bios but that had no effect. The problem has something to do with power but I am happy everything is back up and running now.


glad you got it sorted