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Rig Goes Offline on HiveOS But Keeps Running Like Its Mining

Hello all,
Have a strange issue occurring that I am seeing elsewhere but with no answers. My rig randomly shows as offline in my Hiveos farm. It is extremely random, sometimes it runs great for a long time, sometimes its a few minutes. When it is offline my farm screen shows no hashrate and I cannot connect to the rig. During this time the rig continues to run as though it is mining. I then check the Hiveon eth mining pool and it shows no downtime during that period. I have no invalid or stale shares. You have my thanks in advance for any assistance.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Is the miner actually still mining during the downtime, is there even a downtime or is it the HIVEOS software?
  2. Should I worry about the miner constantly going offline, is it safe for the cards/miner?
  3. Could it be the overclocks causing this issue? I went very conservative with the overclock to try and stop the rig from going offline, but its not working.
  4. Has anyone ever seen something like this before or have a fix.

AMD card is on lolMiner
NVIDIA card is on t-rex

Current version - 0.6-210@211112

Current rig:
Motherboard - PRIME Z390-P ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. (2820 01/06/2021)
CPU - 6 × Intel® Core™ i5-8400T CPU @ 1.70GHz AES
Disk Model - ATA ADATA SU630 240GB
Power Supply EVGA BQ 850W Bronze

I have similar issue with my rig. HiveOS shows brief down times but the pool stats show the mining has been constant. I guess you lost connection to HiveOS server for a couple of minutes but you remained connected to the pool. I don’t think it matters as your connection to the pool is what matters. HivsOS just provides a platform for your miner to work.
Regarding the reason behind this, may I know how you connect to the internet? I’m using wifi on my rig which may be not 100% stable from time to time.

My connection is ethernet directly from my router.

OK so I suppose your connection should be stable. But anyway I think it’s fine. It’s like you launch GTA from Steam, then you lose connection with Steam for some brief time but you keep connected to GTA server, and your game goes on. My understanding :slight_smile:

I’ve been seeing the same thing in the last 48 hours. It’s been a really bad today.

I have several rigs running at a couple different sites so I know it’s not internet issues.

Doesn’t appear to be miners causing it or card setting from what I can tell.

Some of my set up have been running for over 65 days without any issues at all.

I believe this is a hive issue and I hope they can get it resolved very soon. Also I don’t think it’s hurting the mining or the cards at all. Like you mentioned the pool seems to have no issues so that’s really what I’ve been eating and I’m still holding a good average.

If anyone else has any thoughts I’d love to hear what others have to say on this. I’m sure a lot of people are seeing the same issue.

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There are Hive twitter and Hive discord posts related to the API issues.

Had rigs showing up/down on the dashboard and notifications, but the poolside metrics and the individual miner interfaces via ssh are consistently showing shares submitted.

I’d avoid rebooting or restarting until you confirm there is really a problem.


I have the same problems with my rig it show me lot of off time. I step down to 117, that Version was stable for me. Im use 495 nvidia driver. My Internet is over wire.

Let’s make sure we are not confusing the management system and the miner itself. The miner can continue mining, and will even if the Hive API has temporary outage.

My rigs were up and down all day but the the mining was not interrupted, at all.

If you rig reboots on it’s own, captures errors, miner captures restarts, then trouble shoot.

First Check is always and frequently, your pool.

Currently I receive no errors, the rig does not shut down and continues to run, and from the screenshot on my original post it seems its always running. Would you agree?

Having the same issue. Troubleshooted 53 cards for nothing. All 5 rigs are mining at pool, but I can’t see them online on Hive. I hope this gets resolved.

I expirience the same issue since yesterday. I am from more then a year on hive and such issues happen all the time. But this time is very anoing! Such a good soft and such a bed servers. I am going to switch to another more reliable mining OS.

Same issue, rigs disappearing and now also hashrate disappearing from mining pool in a large way. I’ve been on hive for about a year now, haven’t seen this before…

You should try lowering down the OC, specially the NVIDIA card, the temp is to high. Doing That maybe will solve your problem

I am going to post this picture from one of my rigs, then read the rest of the comments. The HIVEON POOL HASHRATE was flatline for most of yesterday, yet the rig was mining fine from what I could see connecting via Putty. Also - the gaps in the ETHASH chart - what do they signify? I see identical gaps in the charts for both rigs, multiple times daily.FLATLINE

Drop outs in the dashboard across multiple rigs, at the same time, indicate the api services had an issue.

Dashboard pool representation is generally solid, but again, a representation helpful for managing many rigs.

Use the actual pool dashboard for more accurate poolside data by entering your wallet here:

I noticed some issue while mining with Phoenix miner on my personal desktop (no issue with Hiveos). When I checkout the screen, the miner still working… So i suspect the mining issue is maybe related with the period of time the miner “mined” for his creator… Maybe a bug preventing it to return mining for us.

I only noticed that since I’m not using the old “not working anymore” Claymore…

So as Hiveos it’s only the OS that proposed you turn key solutions with Other miner on the market… I suspect those other miner been the source of the problem. I daily check the webpage of my mining pool. When a device is consider offline for more than two hours, i reboot the mining applications!

I use my PC for mining during winter only… As I need a heat sources in my home office… That avoid me to start the usual heating source :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Same thing yesterday.

From 8:15PM MST to when I checked it this morning.
I have edited the crontab on both my rigs to reboot at 3AM everyday. At least then, if there is a system problem a reboot should fix it.
ETA: I am using TeamBlackMiner, I switched to TeamRedMiner for a bit to see if that resolved things. I am back using TeamBlackMiner again.

You can see Hashrate and Shares dropped off at the given time last night. The remaining hashrate/shares shown are from my second rig, with a single GPU running Phoenixminer.
I am going to switch to TeamRedMiner to see if that resolves things.

I’m seeing the same thing the past couple days.
Today it been flatline for the last hour but at the same time shows under the GPU readings normal hash-rates.

I cannot tell what is and is not working from a broken HIVEOS interface.

I have downgraded to TBM v1.23 through the Flightsheet, see how that works. One of my GPU’s won’t mine at all with v1.27. If this continues I am gonna switch to TRM, then maybe lolminer. If it continues, straight Ubuntu, no HIVEOS.