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Rig goes offline every 45 minutes unless teleconsole is open

So this one is weird. I switched to ethMiner recently, and noticed odd rig behavior - ‘something’ is restarting every ~45 minutes. I can’t tell if the rig is actually rebooting or just the miner for sure, but the only logs I can find show the miner losing connectivity to the pool and then terminating so I suspect it is just the miner. Occasionally it takes too long to restart and the watchdog bounces the rig. This is obviously a problem, it is cutting my effective hashrate by around 20%.

I’ve done quite a bit of troubleshooting - reverted clocks to stock, replaced all the risers, added external cooling, changed mining pools, etc etc. Out of desperation, I opened teleconsole and attempted to capture a miner log while it was rebooting… and it never rebooted. I’ve been able to duplicate this behavior several times now; if I keep teleconsole open, the restart doesn’t happen until the teleconsole session times out (~12 hours).

Does anyone have any clue?


I have the same issue. Did you find a solution?
I tried to keep an ssh connection open to the server but it has no effect. I have to start a teleconsole…