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Rig freezes during startup

I have a rig with 7 RX570s that was running Hive perfectly yesterday. Then the power goes down without warning and is down for two hours. After it cut out I flipped the switch on the rig’s power supply and pulled the cord, just incase the power surges when it comes back on. When it comes on I wait a few minutes before starting the rig back up, I waited for it on the dashboard, but it didn’t load, so I clicked the button to shut it down, but nothing, had to hold it to force shutdown. Put on a monitor and it boots as it should, Hive starts to run it’s processes, but then gets stuck on the following line:
[*** ] A start job is running for Hive (20s / no limit)

I reboot, but no joy. I reflashed the SSD with no luck, I deleted the worker and reflashed again still with no luck. Put ethOS on to see if I get anywhere there and it works first try. Any ideas on a fix?

You ever figure this out. My system is doing this as well on one of my 5700xt. Boot fine with the card unplugged but if it’s plugged in, hive freezes right after loading amd drivers.

Same here, Rig with 10 GPU, 5 RX6900XT 5 RX6800
When i connect only 6 boot perfect, when connect more some times boot sometimes no.

Only happens to me with AMD Cards, i have other 3 rigs all with nvidia and dont have any problem.