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Rig freezes and need manual power reset

Guys my rig keep on freezing on random times and goes offline. I’ve tried different profiles for my gpus but the freezing still persist.

Last profile was - 500, 2200, 130.
I’ve updated drivers to the latest stable version and also OS is updated.
I’ve changed all three Risers.
I’ve selected gen2 in bios.
The rig lasted for 24hours before freezing and couldn’t reach that time anymore. It then become to freeze every few hours.
Nb: watchdog didn’t solve my situation

Now I’m running on default stock without any overclocking or power limit. I have a double fan 3070, a triple fan 3070 and a double fan 3060ti.

I’ve noticed that the double fan 3070 is running at very high fan percentage. Could i be facing a problem with this gpu leading to failure and freezing?

My rig components:
Motherboard X370 GAMING PLUS (MS-7A33) MSI (5.JR 07/01/2020)

CPU 4 × AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Quad-Core Processor AES

Disk Model ATA HS-SSD-C100 120G 120GB

Ram 8Gb

with no OC settings, you are running the cards too hot, looks like
Gotta enter the correct OC settings, and limit the power (PL), that will help the cards to run better and more efficient.
update HiveOS to the latest version and if it still freezes, try different miner - like Trex - its good for nvidia cards.
for OC settings, please read the forum, there is a lot of helpful info here…
Again, the most important is, run your card efficiently, not trying to squeeze the last MH from them!

Best of luck!

Hi, did you solve your “freezing problem”? I have one AMD rig that goes “offline” and I can’t figure it out. Everything was changed by this point besides the motherboard and I’m still trying to get it resolved before I will swap it.