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Rig flat quit working. First, two cards dropped out, but would work for a few minutes, now NOTHING

I flashed new updated bios on to my pricey Samsung drive, installed worker name and password, then it said I was set to mine, but all I can to is reboot it.

Flat, dead when it comes to actually producing anything. Shows all temperatures, keeps refusing to do any mining.

I know it is communicating via the internet, but it will NOT show anything to HDMI port any longer, will not mine, nothing, but it sure shows temperatures and reports as if it is in touch with the machine.

If I send a reboot or shut down and reboot command, I get the beep, machine reboots, bravo. So what? I didn’t buy it to have a remote useless reboot machine.

Update: violently rejects all attempts to install any mining software.

Every time I try to load a flight sheet, tells me to buzz off.

Every time I try to install latest firmware/driver/OS/whatever from, it gets rejected.

So it said I should do a apt --fix-broken install and I did and evidently it did. Now I will try mining with it.

Strangely, it mines for a while, but when I try to mine Autolykos, two cards crap out and refuse to be acknowledged. What is going on? The cards always work for a while and show their hash rate, but any changes seem to lead to a freakout.

The nVidia Crippledrivers come with the new install, on top of that, so hash rate is half or so.

Now trying to install 460.39 driver.

Has the driver been the problem? It suddenly quite working around 1800hrs UTC.

Now with the 460.39, newly usb-drive-run HiveOS image and doing repairs as suggested on initial starting pages on the rig, voila!

Glad you got it running. :slight_smile:

It looks like you’re running pretty hot. And could run more efficiently.
Your efficiency for the best is about 1.13 MH per watt. But if you have really cheap electricity. :slight_smile:

With the setting I’m using, I’m getting efficiency of about 1.20 MH per watt and running cooler.

What is your ambient temperature?

Between 75F to 78F

Re-ordered Asus cards to the end, now they work, but.

The slot 3 card has been disappearing.
I opened the case, all 3 fans on card 3 are spinning. all power leads plugged in. not sure what the issue is. Formerly, Asus card on that slot did not work consistently. Perhaps slot is the issue, or something else.

For now, just let it chug and make some money.
Seeing how the Asus cards like getting more airflow, as they are not breathing in the longer-card hot exhaust beside them so much anymore.

All eight cards working after I shut it off to re-seat card3 and reroute some power cables so two cards share two power cables instead of them both getting power from one cable each.

Note: removed crossbar which was ostensibly to brace similar-height cards with its foam strip on bottom, but I suspect it may have been stressing the power wires to one or more cards instead.

So far conclusion: bad power cable sextet from PSU was okay with power up to 80W range for ETH mining, but in the higher-draw settings useful for Autolykos, it didn’t seem to be able to handle it. Not even using only HALF of the sextet by using a splitter and supplying other half of card with another seemed to work.
That sextet is just not doing to be used.
Results after half an hour:

It is working, and as with all problems, it had a cause. What the cause was, to my surprise, was just a bad power cable sextet.

However, my Asus temps are better since the shorter Asus cards are in the far end of the motherboard, and they are next to a Colorful long card where the fan blades are somewhat symmetrically broken off, so that card’s fan gets the best airflow in the entire case to make up for it, and, as a result, that card is the coolest of the Colorfuls, so that worked out well while I source a replacement fan for the card.

Outside temperature is 84F/29C so the rig is cooling REALLY well considering its environment (outside.)

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Mine is around 84. On a side note, it’d be fun to run this out in Alaska at minus 70 and see how high I could crank the settings.
Assuming the fan bearings didn’t freeze…

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Update: lolminer shares kept getting lower and lower and lower, rejections hovered near 90 percent. Much watts for nothing much.

I swapped over to nbminer after just throwing it on less-profitable KawPOW for a while.

What is funny is having to “trick” lolminer into doing Autolykos, because it does not have it listed or something, evidently, when doing the setup so my rig ends up with a flight sheet indicating Ethash, but the servers and algos are all autolykos.

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