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Rig eating up internet speed

Just wondering if one of those wifi boosters or something similar would help with this as when my rig is on I get like 60-100mbps as opposed to up to 900 when it’s off. It only seems to effect my cell phones internet and nothing else.

It should not slow down your net too much, check your connection on shell ,command “net-test” you will see ping to your server and other available servers

one topic…

So the pings on my end are low but then once it gets to the hive os and some of the api servers are in the red, high or fail

if u get fail, check you firewall.u can allso try mirror close close to your location,see from net-test list a mirror with low ping and try that, but u should not get any fails…that will cause stale or invalid shares. check firewall…Capture2

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Seems im on the lowest one possible

then i dont know. I had to drop all ports from firewall on my router to get connection working, but i didnt had any speed issues

i assume that u do know that if your not connected to your server you will get lots of stale/invalid shares…losing profits even if your rig is mining

Yea I read about that where you can be mining off network but won’t get any shares. I still haven’t figured out why the rig is interfering wirh my internet. My wifi is straight trash on my phone now. I bought a wifi amplifier to see if that helps and im hoping to get wifi on and move the rig so maybe when its not next to the router it won’t interfere

Hi try to use this tool Net Optimizer it can boost your internet speed hope this helps.