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Rig doesn't show online

Rig doesn’t show on webpage.

Pendrive created. Farm hash ID is in conf.rig and in sample.txt

Pendrive is booting just fine. It stucks on this screen

Got this problem on multiple rigs.

2 rigs showed, but like next 5 doesn’t want to…

Not sure if you’ve mistakenly wrote here conf.rig, since you should create rig.conf

Yes, yes was just typing fast. File name is “rig.conf” no go.

Mainboard “Ashrock pro BTC H81”

Well, it says that Hive is started… Did you connect your monitor onto motherboard or in the GPU? Can you ssh into your rig and check mine logs?

Don’t know ip… but this can figure out I guess. But there shouldn’t be any mine logs, rigs is new brand ?

Where is rig.conf located? And can I access it via unix ? Would check it on working rig what is the differance (if any).

Monitor is connected to the mainboard

You should connect monitor to GPU… The one that is connected to x16 PCIe port. In that way you should be able to come to the unix prompt. Try to learn IP address on your DHCP so you can ssh - then you can do some troubleshooting and get it all sorted out…

rig.conf is located in /hive-config