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Rig Description Error?

I get this error whatever type in description field.
I typed “test” and I clicked update button. is there any char restriction ?

No problem

CCX:36.50KH:2245W:cryptodredge-ver. 0.27.0-cuda114
ERG:1.53GH+KAS:4.59GH:2385W:gminer-ver. 3.1
ETHW:747MH:2260W:t-rex-ver. 0.26.8
NEXA:332MH:2030W:wildrig-multi-ver. 0.35
NIM:6485MH:2420W:cryptodredge-ver. 0.27.0-cuda114
YEC:620SOL:2260W:miniz-ver. 1.9z5

The description is limited to 256 characters

I have 55 active rig now. I want to save their mining information in the HiveOS. (hashrate, power consumption, miner name-version etc.) Could you let us to use more char in this field ?

Try and abbreviate some of the miner names or power figures etc and you’ll be able to fit more useful info into the limited space.

I will keep the details in exel for now. Please think letting more chars for future updates. You know we are in the bear markets. Many users try mining different alogs, different coins. Of course, ecah algo needs different power consumption, each algo has different hashrate. Each miner version has different hashrate usually. The driver version is also the another important thing. At my home yes I can use my computer / exel. But it s important to see everything we need when we are on mobile. HiveOS is the best minig OS, so we use it. HiveOS will be better if it makes new requirements / demands.

Hello i have big problem with Wildrig-multi on Nexa. It’s a rig of 12 identical cards with the same parameters and they all have different MH from 23 to 46 MH!!!??? and there is only version 0.36.3 that works with 0.36.5 I have sleeping cards Zzzz

Update HiveOS to 5.10.0-hiveos #110

Update AMD drivers to A22.20.5 (5.13.0201)

That will fix your problem.

Good morning,
I had managed to install 22.20.5 but since an update of the hiveos kernel it has replaced the amd drivers. I do not know how I managed to put version 22.20.5!? amd-ocl-install it does not work. I had done something else.