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Rig crashing directly after reading OC setings

Everything was fine until I have i incresed power limit in OC. After that when i reboot rig always it is crashing, it is online only for seconds until the time it read OC then get ofline and totaly not operational. Multiple reboot dont bring any resoults. Only when I decrese Power limit my rig can reeboot and work. PSU are 2x 1800W and my rig consume 1600W so there is enough power. I have no idea where is the problem

Post OC settings and cards…

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rtx 3080 core 0 memory 2800 pl 245W. when i have changed to pl 280W it was crasing

not directly after changing but after reboot it dont start

Core at 1200 mem 2200 PL 240 check this settings…

For what… ???
I know it works when i decrese PL. But i need PL over 300W to get max efficency

by efficiency ,do u mean Stale shares and invalids ?

Hashrate i mean

In your situation i check another driver for nvidia… maybe your problem is there…if it is not power…

Ok i will try another older driver. But i think mayby it is bcs of PSU quality. Problem is only during booting. When rig is booted and i increse PL even over 300W everyting is working as a charm

This is a life of a miner…!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Hahaha yeah. Previosly i had problem to boot with 6gpu, whole day searching that was one change in Bios… Yesterday one riser crashed… All the time something :rofl:

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