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Rig crashing continuously

Hello everyone i am having a hard time for keeping my rig time up. The rig crashes out of no where. I have replaced all risers with new ones.
Each GPU has 2-1 8pin connected to it no splitters. I am using 4X3070 1X3060ti 1X3060 1X5700 1X6800 (nonXT) 1X6700XT. the rig crashes all the time and go out of network with weird errors that come up. i will include a picture of everything that is going on. I am using team red miner and T-rex.
Also mining Kawpaw Algo. If there are any tweaks to my settings need to be done would love to know
I would appreciate any help thank you guys

this is the second picture of what happen after the crash

Try downgrading your rig. I had similar problems on my 5700xt rigs and the only fix was downgrading hiveos.

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