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Rig crashing after sometime

Hello guys,

I need help with one of my rigs because it is not working as expected, most likely the problem is with my OC settings but maybe you guys can suggest something.

B450 GAMING PLUS MAX - I am using 1 pci-e multiplier to 4 slots.

AMD Ryzen 3 1300X Quad-Core Processor AES

These are my settings

Behavior : The rig is working fine for a few hours, the temperature are ok around 60degrees celcius, but after a while the rig simply crashes and disconnects from the network.

The reason that i lowered the “Memory Controller Voltage” and the “memory voltage” is because the gpus were getting hot but i guess i did a mistake lowering those.

Can anyone suggest me any fixes please?



Removed 1 GPU that was running hot
Removed the PCI splitter from 1 to 4 slots
Changed multiple miners

The rig is still crashing after few hours. it might be 3 hours, it might be 10 hours but it always craches