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Rig Crash with more than 2 GPU's

I had a rig with RTX 3080, RX 6800 and now I expending it with another Vega 64 and RTX 2060 Super.
I have only 2 pcie slots on my motherboard so I used 1 to 4 pcie adapter and hiveos recognized all the 4 cards.
The problem is that if I start mining with more than 2 gpu’s the motherboard shuts off. I am using 750w ATX power supply to the motherboard and hp 1200w server PSU to the gpu’s and risers.
here is specs of the system:
Do you know what can cause this crash? I tried different miners but still when I start mining for more than 2 gpu’s it shuts off

Are you using a dual PSU extension similar to this?

Link is for example only, not a recommendation.

Have you just tried hooking everything up to 1200w server PSU to verify it’s working? I think it’s should be power by itself for what your working with.

I don’t have this adapter.
I don’t have a connection between the 2 power supplies (I turn them on manualy)
after the crash only the motherboard atx power supply shuts off and the hp psu of the gpu’s is still working

You need a similar adapter in order for motherboard to recognize both PSU. Similar thing was happening to me until both were connected. But again, tried just connecting everything to just the 1200w PSU?

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