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Rig consistently Dropping the Hash-rate to Zero

I have a new rig with 3xRTX3090s, and recently it keep getting low hash rates (dropped to 0), so it triggered a reboot.

How do I know why the hash rate was dropped?

From the stats tab, I can see the temperature didn’t rise all the time and the power draw is always stable. What’s really going on?

typically this is from poor OCs, but could be hardware related as well. are you using locked core clocks?

core -300
mem +2400
pl 330

What’s your suggestions?

Those are core offsets, not ideal for modern cards. Find the max stable memory for each card, then the lowest core clock that gives full hashrate, should be around 1100 to 1200mhz depending on how high your mem will clock. No need for power limits with locked core clocks either.

After some tunning by reducing the mem clock, my rig seems stable now. Thanks!

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