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Rig cant boot cant load bios or anything

Hi all masters of mining,
i face this strange issue, i have change cmos battery, reformat hive os, and i still got this strange message , any idea the root cause?
i cant boot into bios also.

What does it do if you press enter?

It hang and got a blank screen with a cursor blinking…

You need to get into the bios somehow and disable the secureboot stuff.

I did try press del , f1, esc all not loading the bios. So i have no idea why…

The times this happened to me, I had to remove all the GPUs from the motherboard and access the BIOS using the iGPU. The computer would not boot with any of the GPUs installed. This rig has 1 6600XT and 7 6600. Once I got into the bios and saved it, I was able to boot the computer with all 8 gpus connected. I use 2 PCI splitters (4 ports each)

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thanks i will try that and check it

it works ! thanks for the help

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