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Rig AMD and Nvidia black screen after start

I have a rig with 4 6600xt, 1 6800 and an a2000. In the motherboard bios I set IGD as video output, the pci slots are set in gen2, the a2000 however is in the m2 slot that I use as a pcie, at startup I see the check on the monitor, but then when the miner starts working I have black screen and the symbol to move the mouse. Everything works and from the browser I see the tabs working but on the monitor I see nothing. I disabled the GUI item from the settings but doing this I don’t know how to set an OC to the a2000, if I disable GUI the miner on the screen I see it but when it is about to start the whole system restarts. If I unplug the a2000 everything works perfectly. I am new to mining and if anyone could help me out I would be grateful. Thank you

Are you able to run the display from the a2000? Or try moving the a2000 to another slot?

Yes, sure, I can try.The strange thing is that when HiveOs starts I see it on the monitor, I mean when it reads the gpu it reports the drivers etc etc, then when LoLMiner starts the monitor goes black and I only see the indicator as if it were the mouse and I can also move it. Now I try to connect the DisplayPort to the a2000

No, sorry, unfortunately I can’t try to connect the a2000 directly to the monitor because she has a displayport adapter but the monitor is only hdmi. Tomorrow I try to move it and see what happens.

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Hi, first of all, thank you for your help. I did both the tests you asked for, I connected the monitor to the a2000 but you can’t see anything, then I moved it but also in this case nothing has changed. I am attaching a video of what happens when I start the rig, so maybe you can figure out what I can do and help me out. Thank you

Have you tried running the display from the a2000 with gui disabled, wait for it to boot then try enabling?

Also, everything else is working/mining correctly still right!

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I tried to start the rig without GUI and the miner see it, but with GUI disabled the rig restarts without starting to mine. But I can try again, because if you tell me that GUI I can enable it later and insert the OCs for the a2000 I could try like this. Yes, the rig works perfectly and from a browser or smartphone app I can see everything.

Worth trying. I don’t typically use a display connected to my rigs unless troubleshooting something I can’t do remotely. I know server can do some strange things when you have mixed cards and nvidia in a non primary slot

If I disable GUI I get this and it doesn’t start, when I moved it I didn’t put it in a primary slot (if by primary slot you mean the first 16x pcie) but I put it in a pcie slot where I had a 6600xt, I could try to move it to the first 16x slot. Anyway thanks again for the replies

Detected 1 NVIDIA cards

ERROR: X Server is not running! Some settings will not be applied!

CLOCK : 970
MEM : 3150
FAN : 0
Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused

ERROR: The control display is undefined; please run nvidia-settings --help for usage information.


=== GPU 0, 04:00.0 RTX A2000 5940 MB, PL: 10 W, 70 W, 70 W === 19:06:00
Max Perf mode: 4
Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused
ERROR: The control display is undefined; please run nvidia-settings --help for usage information.

Try booting, then turning gui on.

But yeah, you want the nvidia cards in the primary slot (first 16x slot)

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what is your mobo/cpu specs ?

my B450 with a I5 7600 HIve will disable the internal GPU as its a PICASSO architecture, to prevent IGP from mining. This can be enabled again by editing ETC/ENVIRONMENT and add BUSID_KEEP_APU=1, using MC file manager, another option is to add BUSID_KEEP_APU=1 to the OPTIONS section of youyr HIVE CONFIG file, but this will be reset next time PC shutdown. Best way is to make a USB with HIVE on it and edit it on another computer then boot your problem PC with that.

I gave the CONFIG option as using MC file manager can be a bit tricky and is all keystrokes make sure you use function keys for the options in MC

Thanks so much for your reply, I have a z490 and a g6400. Unfortunately I don’t understand your steps because I’m completely ignorant about Hive os, in the end I don’t look at the monitor anymore but I do everything from browser or app, I gave up :sweat_smile:

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