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Rig 8x RX570 4GB , ETC не майнит

Может кто подскажет в чем может быть затыка, риг из 8 карт RX570 4Gb, пытаюсь настроить копать ETC, не майнит, пробовал менять майнеры, устанавливаю параметры coin - ETC или algorithm - etchash там где надо, картина всё равно такая

Update to the latest version of the stable HiveOs kernel, include the latest stable driver for your graphics card, with this you go back to mining in zombie mode

I am not trying to mine ETH, but ETC. So far as i understand 4Gb should work after the Thanos hardfork, or am I wrong? Everything is up to date, so this is also not an issue.

I use the miner option: TeamRedMiner and it works very well, but you can improve the hashrate if you update the HiveOs kernel and the version of the drivers for your graphics card.

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