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Rig 6 sapphire rx570 pulse 8gb ~860watt, how can I reduce power consumption?

Hi there! I have a rig of 6 Sapphire RX570 Pulse 8GB, all cards are flashed with correct timings, but power consumption are high. Can anyone help me with this? My settings in attachment.

Try lowering down your mem clocks. I set mine @ 2050. What miner are using by the way?

Thank you! I using Phoenix

I’m using phoenix 5.5c
here’s my settings:
Core Clock, Mhz : 1140
Core State, index : 1
Core Voltage : 840
Memory Clock : 2050
Mem State : 1
Aggressive undervolting: ON
Ref: 30

Can u please add wattmeter data? Because consumption in hive and real are very different.

Hi how are things. You will have the Bios of the card with the H5GC8H24AJR memory, I have searched and I have not found, if you could pass the file it would be of great help, thank you very much.

Please enjoy:)

Thank you very much friend, I will try with that BIOS to see what happens, I will publish the results in a few days.

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