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Riddle, why can't I see a eth wallet of mine on any chain explorer


so If I understand the blockchain thing correct, anyone is supposed to view any wallet as long as you have its address.

On this case, my metamask wallet can easily seen on any like website (e.g: 0xd16b32301e46ebe442c19a3e7746623759a99b13 )

However, I can’t pull the balance of my binance eth wallet (which is 0xb66d3661ac1a4075bb5386db1fbfbb92b9a42f5e ) on or anywhere else but Hive OS.

HiveOS is able to pull balance of both of these wallets indeed:

True that I made an API key in binance for HiveOS, but I why can I see details for my Metamask one only on ?

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