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Reward always lower then most calculators showing for 140Mh Ethash

i am mining with my rig with HiveOs on hiveon pool with 140Mh, acording to most calculators the reward should be 15 to 16$, but in dashboard of hive farm, my estimated reward only 11 to 12$…
I do mining with TeamRedMiner, no errors, no rejected, low stales…

Typically your reported hash rate isn’t going to be the hash rate the pool sees. You should do your calculations based off of what the pool sees your hash rate as. The drop in hash rate is usually due to the delay of communicating from your mining rig to the pool’s servers.

Ok, but i have 20 mb/s fiber cable internet on my rig and here from europe to europe pool…
I mined on 2mners before, didnt see such gaps from reported to poolhash, mining on hiveon because watned to try HiveOs out.

If you only have one rig on your farm, you can try other pools out for free and see which pool gives you the best results (ethermine, sparkpool, flexpool, cruxpool, binance, etc.). Also there are drops in hash rate due to job difficulties (some shares are like 20, 40, or even 100+ GH and others are like 4 GH) so the more difficult shares will bring your overall hash rate down if it takes long to solve them.

yap its the hiveon pool that is bad, tested it and swap pools,very inconsistent shares

Yap same here, i tested on 2miners and there my hashrate come almost directly, on hiveon pool it start count that my worker is online after 30min of miner is running and then another 30 to 50 minutes to count my hashrate from 0 to my reported hasrate and in all that time i dont get any reward, on 2miners first rewards come after 3 to 5 minutes…i mean its nice that you can use HiveOs for free with the free pool with no transaction fees, thats all very nice, but it should work then, not that…

I have 3 rigs on Hiveon for the last 2 weeks or so and I’m not too impressed by the disparity between my raw rate (620MHS) and reported (as low as 417). So I’m going to stick one of the rigs to different pools and compare the performance. Doesn’t help that I will be splitting my Hashrate across pools like this as this only serves to delay my payouts :frowning: but i’d rather try than leave all my hashrate on a poor pool based on the attraction of 0% fees.

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