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Reviving miningrig with AMD 2x R9 390 + 3x RX 580, moving from Windows to HiveOS


I’m still fairly new to this.
I used to keep this mining rig running on windows with the claymore miner, but it was getting increasingly unstable.
Therefor I want to try out HiveOS.

Does anyone have some advice or tips like

  • where to start, what to read or watch,
  • which OC settings to use (and how to set that up)
  • which bios mod to use for each of the cards
  • how to make it work with the combination of both types of cards in one rig…
  • which miner (or combination of miners) can you advice
    I used to mine on ethash+dcr against the NiceHash pool. Is that still profitable enough, or which pools would be best for this setup.


  • H110 Pro BTX+ motherboard (bios v1.60)
  • CPU i5-7600 3.50Ghz
  • 8GB RAM
  • 2x 750w PSU
  • 2x R9 390 8GB AMD Sapphire Nitro (Hawaii-Hynix)
  • 3x RX 580 8GB AMD Sapphire Nitro (Hynix)
  • Running HiveOS from a 64GB USB 3.1 key

Checking out the HiveOS interface, it feels a bit overwhelming on what to configure where.

I appreciate any feedback,


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