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Restarting mining rig after a year and trying to mine Alephium

Hi All,

I’m restarting my 8 GPU mining rig after a year of being shutdown. I updated HiveOS to the latest version “0.6-225@240219” and tried mining Alephium. I’m using HeroMiner Pool with SRBMiner.

My GPU’s are the following and applied overclocks to each one for Alph.
1660Super x 4
3060ti x 1
3060ti lhr x 2
3070 lhr x1

The mining starts and after a few minutes, It shows a message of “blake3-alph low hashrate (0 kH/s), restarting” and the GPU’s restart. I checked my watchdog settings and don’t have anything selected to restart the miner due to low hashrate.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Than you all!

Is it going to 0kh after a few minutes, and then restarting the miner?

Is it srb or watchdog? Post a screenshot of the message if possible


I’m not sure if it’s restarting the miner, but GPU’s go offline and then come back and the cycle continues. Here is a screen shot of the error message

Also, here are my overclocks for the GPU’s in case it helps

Hopefully it makes sense to someone.

Hi All,

My rig is now up and running for the last couple of hours without issue. Here is what I did, it’s a workaround and it didn’t solve my original issue.

1.) Since my rig has been off for a year, I realized that I had an old HiveOS kernel. I updated it and it was a bit more stable, but it kept dropping.

2.) Changed the Alph mining pool from HeroMiner to WoolyPooly

3.) Changed the miner from SRB Miner to Lolminer

Since making the above changes, my rig has been running steadily for a couple of hours.

Thank you all.

p.3) will be enough in most cases … possible updating drivers if it’s too old (e.g. v510 and lower)