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[REQUEST] GPU Temp off the charts

I have been having numerous issue with this one rig. It has 3x 570 8GB and 5x 580 8GB. I had a GPU (gpu 6, pciE slot 9) state it was > 85c and shutdown. I unplugged it and was going to research later this evening. Now another RX 580 8GB says is 511c and again Hive shutdown (gpu 4, pciE slot 6). So 2 different cards, both in different PCIe slots, both without any major issues. These cards are not actually running this hot. Is this a known issue or has anyone resolved this before?

There are 3 other rigs, all running between 58-65c in a tent that is 80-95F. All card fans and similar work without issue.

I had similar issues with my RX580 Nitro+.
Do you get the “Ring Error” if you boot your Rig?

Two solutions.:
First. Check the switches (if you have) if they are in “Boost” position.
Switch this off.

Second your PSU is not stable enough to keep your undervolted GPU´s
at exact stable power. Just enhance your Core Voltage a bit.

This helps me.

Thank you! I have not seen a ring error, but have on other rigs before. What causes this ring error?

Thank you for the tip on the core voltage. I will give it a try. Thank you!

I’m having the 85C issue as well even though my claymore overrides are set to 90C or higher. This is making it impossible to use HIVE OS!