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[REQ] lock + offset clock controls

  • Need this feature
  • At least show the values on the dashboard, for now
  • Don’t care for this

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It is becoming more common for the need for locked memory or core offsets from a locked value. For instance, kaspa likes 810 memory and flux 5000.

If you change the oc after the miner started, you might need to restart the miner. You could also use nvtools, or nvidia-smi to set the clocks.

However, have a rig that has most clocks adjusted in the flightsheet, and unless I change them after any change, the cards mine at the wrong speeds. Also, it doesn’t help there isn’t any indication in the dashboard for these values

  Frequency:  Core 1440 MHz [1440], MEM 8300 MHz (+2000)
  Frequency:  Core 1740 MHz [2100] (+200), MEM 5000 MHz [2100]
  Frequency:  Core 2100 MHz (+240), MEM 810 MHz [810]
  Frequency:  Core 2025 MHz [2100] (+250), MEM 5000 MHz [2100]
  Frequency:  Core 1785 MHz [2100] (+250), MEM 5000 MHz [2100]

Note: the [2100] is the locked core clock, don’t know why it shows it next to the memory

Any chance that hive might expand to allow for offsets and memory-locked clocks? I know this might cause more trouble with newer users, but you could always have it as an advanced option.

It’s in the works, no eta as of now though.