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Reported hash rate drops to 0 on 2 rigs every night

Every night between 20:00-00:00 hash rate trends for both my rigs briefly drop to 0 (see attached pictures). The dips are at exactly the same time on both rigs. Hiveon Pool doesn’t seem to reports the same drop however. One rig is 4 AMD cards and the other 4 Nvidia cards. I’ve run a continuous ping test, login to a text from a laptop on the same switch. One ping test to each ring and a third to Google just to check my internet connection. No pings are dropped/lost. Anyone had the same? I’m only allowed to upload one picture but the other rig looks the same.

то же самое происходит у меня и многих моих друзей. как решить эту проблему? перейти опять на Windows?