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Replacing motherboard


I am booting from a USB stick - hiveos linux. I am planning to change the farm’s motherboard.
What is the best way to do the switch:

  1. Delete the farms and create a new one?

  2. Swap the motherboard and use the same USB stick for booting the farm?

Thank you in advance.

I think replacing the hardware is not a problem… Do it with out GPU’s at first boot…(to install the new drivers for new hardware…)
Make the appropriate bios settings into motherboard…

Thank you. I’m just worried that HiveOS might think that I have cloned a farm and will get blocked.

Stay with Driver N 460.67 if u don’t have LHR…

They won’t be active at the same time.

I have replaced motherboards in rigs, same name, different brand MB and even CPUs, no issue using the same quality 3.x+ USB.

As others shared, watch out for your overclocks, different motherboards may assign different GPU order. You might be best served bringing up the board without GPUs first.

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Thank you all for your input!

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