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Removed farm before payout, ooops

Hello fellow miners. I have been having issues with one of my farms (only farm) and I just felt it was best to delete it and set up a new farm. I only have two workers so it’s not hard to do so. Stuff was showing up all strange in the first farm. Miners were mining but I could not see their hash rate, ect.

Anyway, it’s all squared away now but I completely forgot that I haven’t gotten a payout from the mining I was doing and I was hat .15eth. I had been over .1eth for a couple days.

My question is did i just lose that payout?

I can’t attach that wallet to a flight sheet and when I view it in the wallet section, it says “pending” next to its name. Is that pending payout?

Thank you all for your help.

This more likely a locked account from stales and invalid shares due to rig issues.

If account was in payout cycle at 0.15ETH payout…it would have happened early in the cycle vs. the end(payout is largest to smallest). Looks like they completed payouts 5 hours ago from this post.

Account unlocking: