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Remove HiveOS Firmware from L3+

Flashing to HiveOS was not a problem. Trying to switch back to BitMain or NiceHash, I get a signature error every time. My L3+ does not have an SD card slot. Does anyone have any clue on how to restore back to Bitmain? I am unable to get around this signature error.

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Every L3+ has an microSD slot.

Unlike the S9s, this slot is in the back of the control board, you’ll have to remove the data cables and then look from the back, if you can’t see it, just slide the contol board a bit to the back.

The SD card has to be inserted upside down, that’s with the microSD pins facing up.

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Hi, did you found a way to switch back to NiceHash? have the same problem… and dont found any SD slots…

There is an sd slot on the top left of the control board when you are looking at the antminer from behind. You’ll need to move the white ribbon cables that connect to the hash boards to see it because it is flush with the top of the metal housing. I was able to barely get my sd card in without having to disconnect anything. HiveOS firmware was the only one I needed to do this for. All the others you can flash from the browser.image

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thx will look at)

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