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Remove CPU mining Detection BTC-S37

I am mining on a BTC-S37 mother board 2 rigs . I have some AMD and Nvidia.
in my dashboard in page it keeps showing 2 in red.

Ho do i get HOS to stop recognizing this cpu?


don’t understand…

You see.
it says 7 in Green GPU and 2 in Red. The 2 Red i assume is the “3rd gen Core pro…” in other words the CPU.

How do I make this CPU not appear in my Hive Dashboard?

How to stop hive os from detecting my CPU.

I thing you make some changes in rig … correct? (with Gpu’s) … This value is for GPU not CPU…!!! If your miner is up and running (check it on pool side) … this error disappear after 24 hours…

I have been running for 3 days now ant it still did not disappear.

Do you know what are these Red?

Gpu’s… do you make any changes in this two workers ?

I did some OC only noting else.

And in your flight sheets?

I did noting here also

You have 4 cards in first worker…
And you have 3 cards in second…

yes… correct
total 7

Check this and make changes…

Hahaha… Great :+1: Nailed it…

In the future if I add more card o this rig will I have to change the card number also?

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

If you add no need to make in changes… if you remove yes…

It’s not about the issue you’ve mentioned, but BTC-S37 have some considerations, and don’t use multiple PSU (please ignore if you are already aware).

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