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Rejected shares Zotac 3070 and gtx 1660

Hi guys, im kinda new to this miner world but i need your help
I have started mining with my 3070 on Windows, it worked good with trex but i wanted To try hiveos
So i installed it and its working great.
I had some gpus laying around and decided i would create a mini mining rig To get me started and learning
I have 1x rx470 8gb, 1x rx590 8gb, 1x gtx 1660 and one rtx 3070
Its working good except i am getting some rejected shares on the 3070 and on the 1660
I have tried lowering the memory clock on the 3070 but its not helping. I have set the absolute core clock to 1100
Someone has a clue of what is happening or what i’ve set wrong ??
Thanks in advance
(Sry for the screenshot i am on the work and i dont have a computer on hands)

Second screenshot (new user hiveOs only let me
Post one image)

Try to delay OC settings, miner needs to run DAG, so in ovecrlock settings try to set 40 sec delay, worked for me

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