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Rejected shares in TeamRedMiner. I am using Is it the pool or my GPU settings?

As the title above states I am getting rejected shares when mining Raven Coin via TeamRedMiner through

I’m currently only using 2 cards: 1x Asus 560-4GB and 1x Nitro+ 580-8GB.
OC values:
1120 Core 850mv 2000 Mem 875mv (RX 560)
1150 Core 850mv 2100 Mem 875mv (RX 560)

I read that some miners or pool can cause rejected / stale shares.
I am still tweaking my miner. I want to get the share acceptance rate to 99%-100%. I fear I’ll lose MHs. But I know if shares are not being accepted by the pool then I’m losing out anyway regardless of the MHs.
Can anyone help or give some clarity?
Thanks, very much appreciated.

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