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I just noticed on my payouts “tab” that there’s a refund for 2021-08-23T07:30:00Z to 2021-08-23T08:30:00Z.

Does anybody know what that was for?

I tried search here, on the forums, and also on the official HiveOn blog and there is no information that has been published/shared so I am wondering if someone else here knows more about what that was for or what that was intended to cover.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Funny that u ask this when the thread you were just invading the last two days was about this very same issue. On that day all of HiveOn’s servers were going down intermittently, causing outages and issues with the pool. That was why they refunded everyone for those several hours of sporadic downtime. Maybe you should have paid attention to that thread instead of disputing everyone’s findings and bragging about your 20MS ping times. It’s hilarious that u had NO IDEA this event was taking place, yet, u jumped on that thread to argue and dispute me and about a dozen other user’s findings. Learn how to humble yourself and pay attention instead of acting like you know it all. Especially when you’re oblivious as to what was happening. The refund was for the downtime. So basically, you HAD NO IDEA that your rig wasn’t mining or connecting to the servers properly, but u wrote countless essays trolling on how your “data” of two pings proved us or me wrong. You should be embarrassed. If you aren’t, then you’re a level one narcissist. Now, there’s two things that can happen here. I can screenshot/link this post to the other thread, just to show others how ridiculously ignorant you are, or you can simply delete your posts and save face. Have it your way.

EDIT: And guess what, you jumped on that thread two days ago complaining about your parsing issue and refuted my answer that it could have been connection issues, but I’m almost 100% sure that was your issue. You were just too busy trying to prove how right and smart you are and just 3 hours ago posted this question. I couldn’t make this up. This post literally proves you didn’t even know your servers were down!!! What happened to your 20MS ping times? The fact that they refunded you PROVES your servers were down for quite some time. For your own sake, I suggest u go back on that other thread and delete EVERY single post before I embarrass you. :joy:

Awww…you have a fetish for me!

“It’s hilarious that u had NO IDEA this event was taking place, yet, u jumped on that thread to argue and dispute me and about a dozen other user’s findings”
a) Nope. Just you.

b) Because you were stupid enough to make a broad claim quote “you won’t see a ping time under 80ms”, a point that you STILL can’t provide an answer when data which proves contradictory to your claim, is clearly shows that your statement is JUST, PLAIN, DEAD, WRONG! which you can’t accept. BWAHAHAHAHA…

Get over yourself.

c) “Learn how to humble yourself”
Says the person who can’t admit when they’re wrong and take responsibilty for their own shit.


d) Funny how the person who was bitching about writing essays has taken to writing an essay of his own.
BWAHAHAHAHA…fucking tool.

e) “You should be embarrassed.”
I’ve already CLEARLY demonstrated and proved your incompetence and all I had to do was to test your statement by running a simple ping test.

You claim that I am stupid. That’s NOT the insult that you think it is when even a STUPID person such as myself is able to prove that you are wrong by running a simple ping test.

The fact that YOU are still on about this also CLEARLY demonstrates that:

i) you have a fetish for me

and ii) you have troubles letting go of shit when you have CLEARLY been proved wrong by someone whom you’ve called stupid.

In other words, even a stupid person can prove you wrong. That’s how wrong you are. And it didn’t take much to prove you wrong.

And you can’t let this go because you are unable and incapable of admitting when you are CLEARLY wrong and taking responsibility for it.

Grow the fuck up.

Another essay showing the world how much of a low IQ narcissist u are. Seek help. With your mining proceeds, seek mental help dude.

The ONLY reason why you would make/take the effort to seek me out is because you have a fetish for me.

Fetish? :joy::joy::joy: Gay as fu&$. Just showing the world how much of an idiot u are and killing free time at work. MORON. Have a look at this thread for classic narcissistic moron entertainment folks.

Looks like you finally finished jerking off.


It takes you “AN HOUR” to finally respond to my comment about you having a fetish for me?

Why ELSE would you go LOOKING for me if it wasn’t because you have a fetish for me? LOL…LMAO…



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