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Referral txt ref_id.txt

Hi, some friends of mine didn’t use my referral code to register and as fair as I know, it’s too late to put my code on their account.

But HiveOS has a nice system to put referral links directly on miners machines (they say on machines we sell so we get the owners “referral return” (which is awesome)!

On the website: HiveOS Ref Page info
they say we can create a ref_id.txt with our referral id next to the “rig.conf”

But since the reward comes up when they are paid only, i want to confirm if my txt is well done, so I don’t have to update all machines again… (oh by the way I’m new to this)
so they say:
“You create a text file ref_id.txt with the following content — 777. Then you save it. After recording onto the drive, you copy the generated ref_id.txt file to the /hive-config folder. Done! Now workers sold by you will also earn you referral rewards.”

My question is, my “ref_id.txt” should have “— 777” inside or “777” inside only? I honestly don’t get it :frowning: (changing 777 for my actual red code obvisouly :stuck_out_tongue: )
and i want to make sure I did OK before its too late :slight_smile:

Right now I’ve shared rigs with my “ref_id.txt” with “192689” only inside.
Hope I’m doing ok, because so far i see no Refs on my Ref page :confused:

Thank you in advance!





well i give up. thanks

hello I want to know if the referral you installed is running well?

Hi, does it work that way? what you did was create a ref_id.txt file that contained your referral number inside, and then paste it in the main folder next to the config file, DID THIS WORK? I appreciate you pointing it out to me.


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