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Referral cancelation

Hi there
Does some one know if there is a way to take out the referral from my hive os account?
I paid some one to set my machine and he put its referral account, therefore he is getting 10% of every thing that I mine.
Thank you in advance

it is not possible, if you have already learned how to configure it and that he has done it to you it has no value, delete everything create a new account and configure it yourself, since you believe that what he did does not need to be paid in any way

Referrals do NOT get anything from what a miner mines, ever.

Referring parties do get a small portion of what a new account pays in HiveOS fees to run HiveOS. About $0.01 a day per rig paid by Hiveon to referring party vs. the miner.

Somebody running (1) - (4) rigs in free to use mode, and is not paying any fees to run HiveOS, is not generating any referral bonus to the referring person.