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Reduce Watts and Temp Memory with 5700 and 5700XT

I decided to take it out after more than 500+ views and people using it and no donation.

If someone want more information contact me like some people did. Thanks to them.

Donate is appreciated:








Does this mhz reduction affect hashrate? What mvolt do you suggest for soc? 1050 seems to be a little high

Thank you very much for this, it does work and should be included in HiveOS as a feature. It’s timeconsuming to do it after every reboot.
Although it only reduces with 5-6W/card (using 1100 setting), it really helps with temps. I’m pushing my RX5700s to 910-925 mem, and get 56.8-57.8 MHs

It is easy to modify to be automatic, but every HiveOS update you need to add it… I hope they put it automatically. I send the information to the Dev but they answer me they cannot do it…

Could you please step-by-step tell me how to automatically run it after a reboot but only after the miner starts (as you said)?

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Many thanks, I will keep for me… it is probably the only way to have a Donation… if someone want it I modify it in his system after the donation…

I have to use old Beta2 image in order to get Navi cards to work so I dont have atitool installed. is there instructions how to install atitool on hiveOS ?

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any idea why i’m getting error:

psp_tmr_init2490 LoadTOC Failed : tmr_size 0

It is normal… see new stats after that…
If someone wants that automatically contact me in private to do it automatically in each reboot and faster than atitool…

I get the same error
psp_tmr_init2490 LoadTOC Failed : tmr_size 0
and when I run and-info the socclk remains unchanged at 1085.71
Any ideas?

i don´t find how to contact you in private

You can send me there an Email to: [email protected]

i did

im having the same issue; soc clock remains unchanged. Do we need to make adjustments in bios?

No you don’t need to do it by Bios…

jgonzi, I think you misunderstand our problem. we cannot change soc clock, it does not change with your “atitool -socclk=950 -i=0” command

amd-info stats before and after that command are exactly the same as well power usage :confused:

The automatic system work without atitool if you want it contact me private…

i emailed you…

All Emails answered!!