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Reduce RX 580 Watts


These are my current settings…

I was wondering if you could advise on the high wattage of the Rx 580.

It seems any changes to the card also make the 5700XTs break.


Set Core State to 1 and Agressive undervolting toggled on
That RX 580 doesn’t really have 850mV applied.

States doesnt work when you have core voltage and clocks in place. Set core voltage to 875. Did you bios mod the cards they do quite less mhs.?


To me Core State ‘has’ to be enabled to fine tune voltage and core clock

dont use it, you already speficied the core clocks and voltage.

Ok, gonna try your recomendations

No Bios mods made.

Changed to 875.

Next steps?

Use add config, amdmemtweak --20 I think 850mV would be enough for 1100 core, I’d use core state 1 and mem state 1.

It is useless to bios mod if you use a miner that allows you to fine tune core, mem clock and latency.
I did it on all my RX 580 and went back to original.

The more aggresive timings you have the less chips can bear high frequencies.
In the same way, the softer timings are, the more chips can raise high in frequency.
DDR has the same behaviour.

Set a core state and enable Agressive undervolting. This toggle is the key.
131W is impossible @ 875mV

Raise your mem clock by 50 step and focus core at end

As example

Don’t set a memory tweak if your board has dual manufacturer of GDDR embeded
This is often the case of Saphhire that use both Samsung/Hynix memory
In such case focus only raising mem clock

Ok, I tried the DPM and underclocking but the cards all stopped mining.

Going back to what was working then will begin increasing the mem clocks and update you.

ok. Working at original settings but increasing the clock on the 580 to 1950 breaks everything.

listen dude, forget what they are talking about DPM states. remove them. you dont need them. DPM states are preconfigured states in the bios with which you tell the gpu which core clock to use. they are made like steps . each step sets the core clock higher, but guess what? you already set the core clock to a certain value, you dont need to put DPM states also.
Also for the bios mod - i have RX 570 Asrock card 8GB with the same samsung memory you have. after using all kinds of OC settings without bios mod i made it run 29.29 MHs with settings 1150 core clock 875 core voltage 2190 memory clock.
After bios mod , now its running with 31.12 MHs with core clock 1131, core voltage 825, memory controler voltage 800, memory clock 2050. Which one is better i leave you to decide …

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