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Red Devil 6800XT mining woes

Hey guys, I’ve been struggling with my Powercolor Red Devil 6800XT for quite a while now. I’m wondering if anyone went through the same journey as I did, and may have wisdom to offer.

The reported errors on boot of hiveOS are:

  • Invalid ip discovery binary signature
  • amdgpu_discovery_init failed
  • sw_init of IP block <gmc_v10_0> failed -12
  • amdgpu: amdgpu_device_ip_init failed
  • amdgpu: Fatal error during GPU initi
  • /hive/sbin/amd-save-pp_tables: error matching card number in /sys/class/drm/cards*/device/pp_table
  • and a whole bunch of gibberish

The following is my output from the “lspci” command, with just that card plugged in. Prior to any OC or vbios flashing attempts, I had initially saved the vbios onto the cloud storage for backup. I’ve also once or twice managed to get it to work without showing errors. I’ve force-flashed the vbios with the backed up file and with TechPowerUp’s BIOS collection’s copy for this card (non-silent) once on the OC vbios in an attempt to fix things. I’m worried I may have bricked the card on the OC vbios due to 6800XT vbios security features?

The card gets identified generically, rather than as 6800XT. Every single boot, I get weird card failure to initialise errors. I suspect vbios problems, but can’t be sure. The card appears to fail to initialise.

This photo above proves I got it to work before, but it was only on two days’ worth of stable mining before some other rig problem caused it to not load properly.

These were the OC settings I used when it worked, achieving 62+Mh/s stable.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

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Have you get the solution? I think the red devil is working fine on windows 10 with low temperature. I guess it’s because the driver is not perfect in HiveOS.

This is the exact experience I am having with the Red Devil 6800 xt. Here is another thread reporting the same thing. New AMD 6800 XT not recognized

Any solution I have the same problem with a mis 6800 trio, 4 are working fine and 1 keeps crunching

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