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Red devil 5700 xt crashing

it keeps crashing 2 nights in row idk why, here is some screenshots but can post only 1 :confused:

and some logs
phoenixminer crash 1 log log 1 - and log 2 2 -

hiveos settings

You have mod your bios?
If not, change your values in OC VDDCI at 850 MVDD 1350 this settings its stock … Beggining from this values…

I modded bios yes but it also crash with windows with 1310 and 1810 clocks

Maybe change the cable (12v) through psu… on your card…

If this does not fix the problem … we write the hive os in your disk…

U really think thats the problem? I will probably wait 20-30 days until that cable arrive, but also worth mentioning is that everything was working fine for 3 and half weeks with 1310 core clock and 1810 memory clock overclocks with 54,5Mh/s and now it started crashing every few hours, i cant leave it 1 night without seeing it crashes in middle of night and screen stay frozen, also i was gaming last couple of days and on sunday i was playing 9h without any problems, idk how it start happening only when i mine, can it be problem with miner?

From the above
maybe you have to check your OC settings…

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