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Red Cross, Not working or mining Nvidia GTX 1660 Super

Hi There, Im struggling with this GPU, I’m new to mining and hiveos,
I already have a full AMD 6gpu’s rig without a problem, But I set up a mix one and this 2 Nvidia 1660 Super are making me nuts.
I changed the overclocking and they were working really good for a couple of hours and then they showed a red cross, after a reboot one came back but the other one is like freeze.
Any ideas? Thanks a lot

Hi Larsen3395,

Have you tried another gpu riser or is it direct connect? This looks like it won’t get recognized the motherboard does get some packets over the pcie cable but not all. If that doesn’t work you could try to swap the 1660 Supers and plug it 1 at a time in the slot that works.
And after that doesn’t work try in a different pc. otherwise if all of this doesn’t work I’d guess to go through the RMA process with the manufacturer.

Thanks a lot Jesse,
I switch between pcie slots and risers with a amd 580 and randomly are both working.
Not I just need to improve the RX580 OC
Thanks again