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Recover Account/Farm Balance

I have a user with 2 farms mining ETH on hiveon. I have mined in flexpool for a while using HIVEOS. Because of this I have trasnfered some founds to my account, and used it to pay the dialy fee.

Now i mining on hiveon pool so its free for 2 farms. There is a way to recover the usd trasfered here ?

Thank you

No way to withdraw, you can transfer to another farm though, there’s a section in this forum you can list it for sale if you’d like. Bazar (Buy and Sell) - Forum and Knowledge Base A place where you can find answers to your questions | Hive OS

Greetings keaton.

Look, the situation was changed, now we can not mine nothing profitable. We decided to move and try Nicehash to mine there an get bitcoins.

But, we have nearly 15usd stucked in our two configured farms. We really need to recover that. I was not possible before, but now the situation was changed and eth cannot be mined.

Are there a way to recover that bucks now?

Thank you.

Hiveon is prepaid, there is no withdrawing fiunds. You can however sell/trade to another user, there is a buy/sell section on this forum for just this.

You can also use hiveon os with nicehash just like how you would mine any other coin as well. Just point to nicehash instead.

ok, i got it.

I have spoken with some friends and some of them told me, ppl are mining Dynex these days. Can it mine dynex with Hiveos?

Yes you can, just select dnx when creating a flight sheet, then add your dnx wallet address, pick a pool and server and miner and apply to a worker like normal

ok! we’re back mining with HiveOS on nicehash pool (Kaspa ).

I have to ask how can i know how much i need to mine to get a payment. Minning dynex i have no issues. But minning kaspa i do not see any payment after 5 minning hours. I have 1.3 Gh minning power.

Thank you again

Check where you’re mining to