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Recognizing 6 GPUs issues on several B550 & B450 chipsets motherboards

i have recognizing 6 GPUs issues on msi B550 GAMING GEN3 some of them gives me malfunction or recognized but not working or rig crashed
i tried every option in BIOS and latest stable and beta images and this issues with RTX 4070 and RX 7900 XT and the old RTX 3060 TI but RX 6800 and RX 6600 is ok no problem
also same issues with asus ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING II and

make sure you’re using recommended settings Motherboard setup

all these settings is the default for me and have been tried and also tried PCIe Link Speed to **GEN1
same problem with nvidia cards and RX 7900 XT but no problem with RX 6600 and older RX 5600 XT

Are you using the latest beta image from this week for the 7900xt?

yes i use 0.6-224-beta@230911 for 7900 xt as the stable one doesnot recognize it and i have a remark for this card those motherboard are not the only one having issues i tried B250 & B360 motherboards with the same issues with the amd motherboards and sometimes it recognized the 6 GPUs and mining without any issues until power go down then go back again with issues

any help ?

Hive wont be the determining factor whether the cards are recognized or not, any changes will need to be done at the bios level. Make sure youre running all the recommended settings, try using other slots, disable anything your dont need etc etc.

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mixing and matching GPUs from AMD and Nvidia will cause the problems you’re suffering with… I learned this the hard way, now I make rigs dedicated to having all their own branding of hardware when it comes to GPUs, have had no problems since going that route… also, try putting your GPU’s on a riser splitter (one slot PCI to 4 slots of x1 PCI, links are at the bottom of this reply; @mods remove if links aren’t allowed here) PCIE slot splitter risers meant for GPU mining (works better this way than mounting it to the motherboard directly)

i use the same GPUs in each Rig

in this case I’d suggest trying the PCI splitter option in my earlier reply as some motherboards don’t have enough PCI lanes to split between cards via the x16 slots leading to errors, the 1x splitters do just that, separate out the lanes giving more to use, which may help your situation out in regards to having unrecognized hardware or crashing hardware issues, some motherboards give the primary GPU (typically the one slotted into the closest x16 lane to the CPU) more lanes, reducing the total number of lanes you can use.