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Received a defect stratum message: conversion of data to type "b" failed

Hi community

Whil trying to set an UBQ + ZIl on my 380X rig with lolminer 1.65a, I encounter an error : Received a defect stratum message: conversion of data to type “b” failed
Shown in picture below

lolminer changelog says :

lolMiner 1.54


  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing duplicate send shares in Kaspa dual mining.
  • Fixed a bug “Received a defect stratum message: conversion of data to type “b” failed” on new Kaspa pools and the solo mining adapters.
  • Fixed a bug causing --dualworker not to work right with Kaspa dual mining.

So, am I doing something wrongs in settings or bug remains on ZIL ( but not on KAS) ?


Try another zil server and see if the issue persists

Is there any ZIL only pool, as I will never get the possibility to get UBQ + ZIL on same one
Or should I try ETC + ZIL pool as UBQ is ERC20 ?

Got failure with flexpool, some DNS resolve error, dont remember cause of this

EDIT : Impossible to get it functionnal
Any idea ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m using flexpool, but you can check other servers at Zilliqa (ZIL) Ethash | Mining Pools

Does lol use zmp? Did you tried stratum+ssl?

Seeing documentation, it hsould be zmp://

Did try all pools, same bunch of error

Would you share your config, so I can compare to mine ?

for lol


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windows logolinux logohiveos logo
lolMiner.exe --algo ETCHASH --pool stratum+ssl:// --user ETC_WALLET_ADDRESS/ZIL_WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME --pool stratum+ssl:// --user ETC_WALLET_ADDRESS/ZIL_WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME

for zmp you would need to try gminer or bzminer

On gminer I have

User Config  --zilserver zmp:// --ziluser wallet

Just thought that there might be a ubq and zil pool. Think crazypool has dual mining. Check their page