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Rebtech and Nvidia Driver 465

Has anyone figure out what the deal here is? I have several on the New version 3 boards, and have had to down grade the drivers, to get My Nvidia cards to run.

The problem with this is not all Nvidia cards are supported by driver 465, for example the 3070ti.

I have had to move this card to a alternate rig for the time being.

what drivers have you tried? what kernel are you on?

All my rigs run the same kernal. 5.10.0-hiveos #83

If I used a B550 Motherboard I can run drivers 470 and up no problem. If I use the Rebtech the Rebtech detects the GPU with no issues, but they are not recognized by HiveOS or the Miner.

I have tried all the stable drivers down to 465.

I have to downgrade the driver to a 465 version to get it to work.

This is the new Rebtech V3 boards with the Intel CPU.

have you tried all the 470.82, 470.86, 470.103.01?
have you tried the beta drivers? 510.39.01 or 510.60.02?

I have not tried any of the beta drivers.

I drives I have tried are 465.31 470.86 470.103.01 495.46.

Only 465.31 worked.

I thought I had tried the 510 drivers but apparently I did not as when I run nvidia-driver-update --list 495 is the latest I see.

you have to manually specify the beta versions as they arent hosted on hives servers, worth trying.

Rebtech support got back to me and it is working with the 470.57.02 driver.

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I have tried many of the drivers and have found that none of the 510 drivers will work with the new rebtech boards. The highest driver I was able to use was 470.82.01.