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Reboot at 0% fan (feature request )

I have been recently seeing some cards crash and even when they seem to be working. The only indication that there is a problem, is that the cards report 0 for memory and core clocks and 0% fan speed.

The 0 clock would be more reliable if the card crashed, but not sure hive monitors the current clocks. The other option would be to track the fan, and when it stayed at 0 for a period, then reboot the rig. Has to reset the timer, if the fan works for a short period. Have some cool cards :dark_sunglasses: that only run the fan for a short time. Especially when mining at low power

This reminds me there is another option to reboot the rig, which is when a card draws more power than what was set for pl.


Feature requests should be sent via email to [email protected]

Have you explored the watch dog settings for some options, especially a known algo, which can capture the dead, stalled, GPUs?

Note: Water cooled systems will show fan 0% in most cases, yet be just fine.

It sounds like there are some rig issues which should be addressed. Most frequent we are seeing of late is core offset too high.

It is a very strange issue. The cards seems to be mining, and almost have the correct hr. However, the pool only sees a small amount of the proper hr. You really can’t use the wd, since this is the second coin, and the wd only works on the first coin of the first miner.

The only indication there has been a problem, is that the clocks for one of the cards show 0, the fan is at 0 and the power is over the set limit.

There are definitely some miner issues out there with certain pool combinations. Check your miner support as well.