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Real Issues 0.6-223@230903

Hello, last update: new features
Updated device IDs
Fixed some cases of issues for Nvidia GPUs
Autofan v3.26: fixes and improvements
Improved support related to later release OS images
Update amd-ocl-install to support ROCm up to v5.6
Various fixes and improvements,
My platform, consisting of 5 Nvidia cards and 7 AMD cards, is no longer working well. I don’t use autofan, the temperatures go crazy and it doesn’t maintain my miner settings on the Nvidia cards!
Has anyone experienced it?

Can you please post some screenshots of your worker overview screen and flight sheet?

For now, I have returned to the previous version.

Seems to be an issue impacting rx5000/6000 amd gpus that are set to static fan speeds. Please try configuring autofan or you can stay on the previous version as we look into it

Thank you for your prompt response. I have all the fans set to static, in my car they don’t work the way I want them to, in auto mode. I look forward to solving the problem!

After UPG, in the latest version, there are 2 AMD graphics cards, which are not detected correctly!

I’m trying a new image, which one do you recommend?

Latest stable is what you want to be on, mke sure to test cards on their own, if there are 2 cards that both encountered an issue at the same time look to see if they share a power supply or anything like that.