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Real electrical consumption

My question is : what is the real electrical consumption.
According to Hiveos dashboard (image in attach)

consuption is 920 w, all cards together is 440 w, and on the wall socket is 520 w.

i am sorry i didnt quite understand.
440w is the total consumption of the GPUs according to the picture when you sum them.
you wall socket is wrong if it shows 520W. 440w is only for the GPUs but not taking into consideration the quality of the PSUs. let me give you my example. I have RX 570 8GB which is taking according to HiveOS 95Watts, BUT i have inserted in the options of hiveOS somewhere in the website that my PSU rating is 80%. so total real power the GPU uses is 120 Watts shown in HiveOS. this is because for every 100watts the PSU takes to power something it can give only 80watts. so in order to power my 95watt GPU it takes 120watts in reality. with that being said you should add also some 150 watts for the rest of the rig ( CPU , mobo, fans, Ram memory, SSD/HDD and whatever).
so if your PSU has a 90% power convertion ratio i estimate the GPUs pull another 50 watts total. so they will be around 490Watts , i doubt the other rig parts take only 30 more watts.
only the CPU in idle state takes atleast 50.

This 520 w from wall socket is according official device-meter of the power supplier. That’s how much the electricity consumption bill is officially and what I pay.

thats very strange, you rig doesnt consume anything more than the GPUs

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