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Re: Flight Sheets

From time to time I am getting certain cards overheating such as my 3060. Can someone take a look at my attached flight sheets to see if my settings are out of whack? I am not completely sure what I should be setting them at. I go off of the settings on this site but have seen very wide ranging settings such as negative clock settings from other sites

. I would appreciate the feedback.

first off, 810 isn’t a locked speed, but an offset. Try -3000

Ergo tends to be a more power hungry algo, than the others, so you might need to switch algos based on how well your cards behave. Not all cards are the same (even if these look the same), so some will like mining one algo more than your other cards.

3060 on ergo doesn’t show a fan speed. Either it has a mechanical issue (check wires and fans), or your oc is too high (2400 will crash most of my 3060s)

I normally adjust the oc not only for hashing, but to keep the temps low. Especially with the heat wave it might be more important than ever to keep the temps low.

My guess is once you fix your locked memory issue, your temps should drop

It’s recommended to use locked core clocks instead of only core offsets. Find the lowest core clock that maintains full hashrate (values above 500 are automatically treated as locked clocks.)

No need for a power limit with locked core clocks either.

And as @painting said use -3000 to lock memory to 810mhz, just setting 810 will actually increase the memory clock by ~810mhz.

Ironfish, kaspa and alph all are core only, so they can utilize the same overclocks. (Higher core, locked mem to 810mhz with -3000)

I appreciate both responses although I do not understand any of it. I will shut that particular one down for now and so some in depth reading to better understand the overclocks. I am admittingly new to Hive coming from mining from Nicehash Quickminer that I used for Ethereum for years. My God that was simple. Anyways I appreciate the attempt and will get to reading when I have time which seems scarce these days.

The goal is simple, to get the most hashrate for the lowest amount of power, you want to find that happy medium between the two. Nvidia are at least more simple to fine tune as you don’t have access to voltages, basically you make a change, see how the hashrate and power draw react, and if you like where it’s heading continue making changes until you don’t like the results.

There should be a few videos on YouTube if you search how to overclock for mining or something along those lines. It’s best not to use someone else’s values aside from possibly as a starting point, as no 2 cards will be identical in their optimal settings.